plz reading this post (about the ultrarisk)

hi greeting
im korean. my zerg rank is platinum.

zerg user everyone! plz reading my post
i think ultrarisk -- zerg hive unit is very weak.
because the ultrarisk's movement speed is very slow
so when the ultrarisk come for another enemy's ground units,
it have to rush but it's movent speed is worst than another our units -- like hydra or roach
and the ultrarisk rush with damage from enemy's ranged units or air units attack.
finally arrived them, the ultrarisk almost have 50% damage, even dead!!!

im so sad the ultrarisk is dead very quickly -- faster than others.

starcraft2 ultrarisk isn't ultra. it's just ordinary than other units.
so i want to upgrade the ultrarisk's movement speed.
then, the ultrarisk can kill enemy faster.

thanks for reading my post
i agree with you.
ultrarisk is !@#$in' garbage
i think too. anyway ultrarisk must change better
ultrarisk is jusk big zergling
울트라는 그냥 거대한 저글링일뿐

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