Pay attention on Blood DK

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I have suggestion on Blood DK.
Blood Dk have two problem.

Firstly, They have too low dps on single and multiple target.
You know that, Blood DK have terrible movement speed.
About this, You guys said, "Death Knights are meant to have lower mobility than other melee classes, but feel very strong once they’re in range".
However, Where is Blood DK's strong point?

Blood DK have awful DPS on raid and keystone dungeon since you nerfed Blood Boil's damage(39%!!!).

I know PTR news that buff about damage of Death Strike and Heart Strike about 10% but It's not enough.

Death strike is defensive skill so 10% buff is acceptable but Heart Strike need more damage buff.
Marrowrend makes bone shield but Heart strike makes less more runic power and no more hit multiple target but no more advantage.
It must hit more target when it's not hitting on Death and decay(may be 2additional target, not only 1) and hit more powerful for escalate Blood DK's single and multiple target DPS.
I don't agree with buffing damage of Blood Boil because BB spend no resource and It's magic skill but Heart Strike is well fit with Blood DK's class fantasy.
So, for enhance Blood DK, We need to buff Heart Strike's damage as 300% from 203% and release Heart Strike's target limitation slightly(may be basically 2>5, on D&D 5>all).

Secondly, Blood DK's Mastery Is something wrong.
WOD's Death Strike need 2rune but now need 45 runic power.
Basically 1rune makes 10 runic power, so resource for Death Strike incereased and procedures for use were increased by one step.
Nevertheless, our basic mastery % was reduced to 12% from 50%.
Even versatility is always good on both sides of attack and defense compared to Mastery.
So, basic mastery is too low, besides master's efficiency is too low.
Mastery means character's pesnality though, Blood DK players don't like mastery stat at all.
It's very weired situation.

I suggest that roll back basic mastery % 50% from 12% and make if more
Effectively please.
If you guys worry about too powerful Blood Shield, Just use mechanism of Soul Drinker.
Yes, Make expiration date of Blood Shield and terminate expired blood Shield.

Can you pay attention on Blood DK? Please?!!!
Today, I saw(5/10) ptr note.
Fcking Vengeance DH DPS Buffed!
What the hell's going on can someone tell me please?

Vengeance DH's DPS was always better than Blood DK though, You fcking morons, What are you doing?

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