No Dailies From Garrison Stables

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  • No quests from Stables in Garrison
  • Unable to pick up daily quests from Stables
  • Have the stables in Garrison but stopped getting daily quests

Daily quests to train beasts in your Stables have a minimum character level requirement. They start to be offered at level 94, and are fully unlocked by level 99 except for "Moth of Wrath" which requires level 100.

Daily quests will be available only up until you have trained your mounts.

If you are looking to earn the achievements “Advanced Husbandry” and “Stable Master” you can do so without daily quests: 

  1. Speak to your stable master Keegan Firebeard [A] or Tormak the Scarred [H].

  2. Pick-up all 6 whistles to summon all 6 beasts.

  3. Travel to the locations of the named-mobs and, without any quest, summon your beast-in-training with your whistle, and kill named-bosses.

Both achievements can be completed simultaneously. Simply ensure you have picked up at your stables the two items that spawn on the ground:

  • Black Claw of Sethe requires a Level 2+ Garrison

  • Garn Tooth Necklace requires a Level 3 Garrison

While you have these two items in your inventory, you will receive credit towards both achievements at the same time.