World of Warcraft Role Play (RP) servers are intended to provide players with an added level of immersion in the game world. Names on RP servers must adhere to Blizzard's Code of Conduct, and also must avoid being disruptive to the world.

Examples of common unacceptable or disruptive RP names include (but are not limited to):

  • Non-medieval or non-fantasy names (For example: Slipnslide, Robotman, Discoinferno)
  • Names that reference well known people, characters, brands, places, or icons (For example: Britneyspears, Austinpowers, Mcdonalds, Georgewashington, Newyork)
  • Names that consist of multiple words (For example: Inyourface, Welovebeef, Howareyou, Sixtyseventy)
Blizzard reserves the right to assign a random name to any character violating our RP naming policy. For more severe or repeat violations, we may apply additional penalties to the account.